About Valor 4 Veterans

Valor Healthcare is the largest contract provider of primary care and mental health services to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In November 2017, Valor’s leadership and talent acquisition team began discussing an unconventional recruitment idea that would showcase our unspoken professional purpose of caring for Veterans, and provide opportunities for all of our colleagues to engage Veterans in and outside of our clinics. 

We firmly believe most everyone craves a professional purpose that roots us to our chosen career. It is what sustains us during long hours, tired eyes and feet, and difficult circumstances. Valor Healthcare colleagues make a personal choice to serve those who have served. Our colleagues demonstrate this professional purpose every day, and it is this incredible perspective that can and should be shared with a great number of healthcare professionals who suffer from professional apathy. It is our hope this program showcases not only our professional purpose but also the personal and professional fulfillment that accompanies the privilege of caring for our nation’s heroes. 

Valor 4 Veterans (V4V) is our charitable, fund-raising program designed to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Veterans and the local and national charities who support them. To bring awareness to this program and facilitate our fundraising efforts, we have established relationships with non-profits focused on improving the lives of our Veterans.

This year, we are proud to announce Valor4 Veteran’s campaign – Operation Bedrock. We are partnering with Florida-based nonprofit, #DoYouGiveARuck?, to raise $50,000 for the Coalition for Attainable Homes to provide housing for Veterans battling homelessness in Florida.

View footage of Valor4Veterans previous missions: