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The Tunnel to Towers Foundation NEVER FORGET Walk Honors the Fallen of 9/11

Sunday, August 1, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation kicked off the NEVER FORGET Walk to honor the fallen of 9/11 and commemorate the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001. For the past 19 years, Frank Siller, CEO of Tunnel to Towers, has honored his brother, Stephen Siller, by retracing the fateful path he took on 9/11 — when the 34-year-old FDNY firefighter raced on foot straight to the attacked World Trade Center, where he would ultimately lose his life. The married father-of-five drove to the Brooklyn entrance of the tunnel and, upon finding it closed to traffic, strapped on 60 pounds of gear and walked the three-plus miles to the Twin Towers. The Never Forget event symbolizes Stephen Siller’s final footsteps from the foot of the Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers and pays homage to the 343 FDNY firefighters, 71 law enforcement officers, and thousands of civilians who lost their lives on 9/11. Siller is walking more than 500 miles through six states in 42 days. Over the course of six weeks Siller honors the 2,977 souls and the heroism of our first responders.

The full route includes:

  • Washington, D.C. Kickoff – Aug. 1
  • Winchester, VA – Aug. 7
  • Cumberland, MD – Aug. 14
  • Shanksville, PA, Aug. 21
  • Hershey, PA – Aug. 28
  • Easton, PA – Sept. 4
  • Morristown, NJ – Sept. 5
  • Staten Island, NY – Sept. 9 & 10
  • Ground Zero, New York, NY – Sept. 11

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is dedicated to honoring the sacrifice of FDNY Firefighter Stephen Siller, who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001. For 20 years the Foundation has supported our nation’s first responders, veterans, and their families by providing these heroes and the families they leave behind with mortgage-free homes.

Valor Healthcare colleagues will be walking in spirit the weeks of 9/11-9/26/21 with Frank Siller, as each clinic team will participate in local walk-a-thons. Colleagues all throughout the nation are committed to altogether match the 540 miles that Siller will be trekking. In order to fundraise for this event, Valor colleagues will be purchasing commemorative t-shirts and collecting donations. 

Proceeds from the Valor event support the Foundation’s programs, including those benefitting first responders, and catastrophically injured service members.

Source: Tunnel 2 Towers