Valor 4 Veterans 2022Charity Partner

Operation Bedrock

Operation Bedrock is the name of Valor 4 Veteran's 2022 mission. Our goal is to donate $50,000 to #DoYouGiveARuck to provide funding to build homes for Veterans in St. Lucie County, Florida.

#DoYouGiveARuck has partnered with Coalition for Attainable Homes to provide housing for Veterans on the verge of homelessness.

Our fundraising efforts will culminate with a 5K ruck march in October at Bryant Park in Lake Worth, FL.

Operation Bedrock 5K Ruck March



Valor Healthcare has partnered with #DoYouGiveARuck, a veteran-led nonprofit that provides support for Veterans dealing with mental health challenges and facing homelessness.

Founder Jimmy Jackson started the #DoYouGiveARuck to bridge the gap in community for Veterans. Ruck marches help Veterans become more engaged with their community. And members of the community can better understand Veterans who have faced extraordinary situations.

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DoYouGiveARuck Valor 4 Veteran's charity partner